The Meaning Of Green Jade Buddha Necklace


Green Jade Buddha Necklace



The position of the Buddha in the world of Buddhism is unmatched. It is the essence of Buddhism. And because the Buddha is the incarnation of all-wise, all-kind and omnipotent, he is omnipotent and has boundless powers. Therefore, the Buddha is sacred and inviolable and profane. The Emerald Buddha has many advantages, and there are also many exquisites and taboos.


Green Jade Buddha Necklace


The Symbols Of Green Jade Buddha

The Green Jade Buddha pendant symbolizes compassion and tolerance, with a compassionate heart, which can make people treat others with a forgiving attitude. It also implies optimism and open-mindedness, with a broad mind that is tolerant. It also means prosperity and peace. In Buddhist teachings, as long as people take compassion and do more good deeds, they can be blessed by the Buddha.

Precautions in wearing the Green Jade Buddha

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people like to wear the Jade Buddha, but do not know how to wear the Jade Buddha? What are the special features of wearing Jade Buddha? The Buddha is noble and supreme. It is loved and enshrined by the people. Therefore, there are many precautions in wearing the Jade Buddha.

In addition, pay proper attention to the combination of the jade Buddha and accessories, pay attention to the time and place of wearing the jade Buddha, and pay attention to the wearing and maintenance of the jade Buddha, which can keep the aura of the jade Buddha for a long time, and the Buddha's light will shine, and protect the wearer's life and health, happiness and happiness. Maitreya Buddha is mostly sitting cross-legged, and there are also standing Buddhas. The postures are relaxed and casual but also show great stability. Jade Buddha pendants are divided into heads, busts and full-length images. Generally, they can be worn separately by engraving and imaging, or they can be inlaid with gold and silver around the jade Buddha, with red, black and yellow string, bead chain, precious metal chain, etc. On the neck, it plays the role of protection and accessories.