How To Choose Xiuyan Jade Earrings


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Xiuyu jade is one of the four famous jade in China. Xiuyu jade not only has rich and colorful colors but also has a profound cultural heritage. Therefore, in addition to ornaments, Xiuyu jade has also derived many Xiuyu jade ornaments, but the selection skills of different ornaments are different. Today, we will introduce the tips for choosing Xiuyu jade earrings.

Choose High-quality Xiuyan Jade Earrings

We must pay attention to the jade quality of Xiuyu jade earrings. The quality of jade directly affects the overall quality and price of the jewelry. Therefore, when choosing Xiuyu jade earrings, you should choose some earrings with smooth and clean jade surface, no cracks, no impurities, and good permeability, because only this kind of earrings is of higher quality.

Choose Xiuyan Jade Earrings According To Our Own Face Shape

We have to choose jade earrings according to our own face shape. Each of us has our own different face shape. When choosing Xiuyu earrings, we must pay attention to matching our face shape and don't blindly follow the trend. For example, if our face is relatively round, we can choose some long Xiuyu earrings to modify our face, and we can choose leaf-shaped Xiuyu earrings, which can make our face look less round. And if the face shape is square, then we can choose some Xiuyu earrings, so that we have more personality. In this way, the Xiuyu earrings selected according to our own face shape are more suitable for us.


Real Jade Earrings


Choose Xiuyan Jade Earrings According To Our Skin Tone

We can also choose according to our skin tone. Generally, people with fair skin tones can choose more colors when choosing the color of Xiuyu jade earrings. Bright or light colors can be controlled, and if the skin tone is wheatish, you can also choose some Xiuyu jade earrings that are close to the skin tone, so as not to highlight our wheat skin tone. And so on, we can choose the Xiuyu jade earrings that suits us according to our skin tone.

Choose Xiuyan Jade Earrings based on our temperament

We also have to choose Xiuyu Jade earrings based on our temperament. Different Xiuyu jade earrings have different shapes and give people different feelings. When we choose, we can combine the feeling of Xiuyu jade earrings with our own temperament, so that Xiuyu jade earrings can protrude from us.