The texture of Hetian jade is delicate and soft, and it has always been loved by people, and there are many types of it, each with its own characteristics. Among them, mutton fat jade is regarded as the top grade of jade because of its characteristics and rarity. So how to choose your favorite Hetian jade? ? The key to choosing Hetian jade is to grasp the truth. As long as it is true, the issue of beauty can be seen by the benevolent and the wise.
Because with people's pursuit of Hetian jade and it has become a popular collection, it is not surprising that counterfeit Hetian jade is emerging one after another. Flexible grasp and comprehensive use of the following simple identification methods are the nirvana for selecting Hetian jade.

1. Knife test for hardness
Hetian jade has a Mohs hardness of about 6.5. If you scratch it with a knife, there will be no knife marks. If it is glass and jade with lower hardness, it will leave knife marks. However, many imitation materials also choose some with high hardness. Jade will also leave no traces.

2. Check the color of jade
Hetian jade has only four categories of colors: white, cyan, ink, and yellow. There are red ones in legends, but I have never seen them before, so if you meet red Hetian jade, 99.9% of them are fake. The color of white is from white to bluish white, yellow is from light yellow to dark yellow (including sugar color), cyan is from light cyan to dark cyan, and ink color is from ink to light black.
Sheep fat color and yellow Hetian jade are of high value. Sheep fat jade is delicate in texture and white as cream. It is the best type of white Hetian jade. It is only available in Xinjiang in the world, and it is extremely valuable due to the scarcity of production capacity. In addition, topaz is also very rare, and its value is second only to suet jade.
The cyan Hetian jade has the lowest value. The color distribution of cyan Hetian jade ranges from light cyan to dark cyan. There are many types and different shades of color. It is the most common color in Hetian jade, so the price is slightly lower than other colors.
So be careful if all you see is suet white.

3. Observe whether it is translucent
There are three kinds of jade: transparent, translucent, and opaque, while Hetian jade is semi-transparent. Under the light, it can transmit light, but it is difficult to see through the object image. You can point the jade at the light source and shake it with your hand behind the jade, and the real Hetian jade can see that there is a shadow shaking.

4. Listen to voice recognition
Because Hetian jade is thick, warm, and has a strong pulse, the sound is crisp and loud when struck. You can use two pieces of the same jade to strike a few times. If the sound is dull, it is not Hetian jade. like steel.

5. Experience the feeling of pressing
When purchasing, you can weigh the same volume of jade by hand. Hetian jade is heavier, firmer and thicker, and generally heavier than other jades.

6. Check the texture
The texture of Hetian jade is moist, delicate and soft, and the surface has an oily luster. The moisturizing and oily luster of other jades is not as good as that of Hetian jade. In addition, jade can be placed on the skin, and there will be a cool feeling, while glass products do not have it.