How Much is Jadeite Worth per Gram


Some Data About Rough Jadeite Market

All the time, due to the continuous mining of rough jadeite, its price has risen to an astonishing extent. Take the case of the Burma public market in November 2009, a original jadeite stone that has good texture and color was sold at a price of 15 million yuan. But by March 2010, this rough jadeite stone was sold at a price of 36 million yuan. In September 2010, this jadeite rough stone was sold at a high price of 130 million yuan in China, and the price of jadeite rough had more than 8 times in one year.

In November 2010, in the first jade fair held in Naypyidaw, the new capital of Myanmar, a piece of ice-type purple jadeite stone weighing 6kg with a reserve price of 580,000 Euros was bought by a Chinese businessman for a sky-high price of about 180 million RMB after 6 rounds of fierce battles. In other words, an average of 30 million yuan per kilogram, 30,000 yuan per gram, and 6,000 yuan per carat, which shocked and confused people in the industry!

In the past ten years, the price of rough jadeite has risen astonishingly. It is known that the price of rough jadeite has returned to a stable state in 2016. In the 53rd Myanmar public market in 2016, a new tender method was adopted. The number of rough jadeite was 6,062. Among them, 166 were clearly marked and 5,896 were hidden. This method also makes the price of rough jadeite more rational and stable.

The price of jadeite is calculated with reference weight.

The same quality jadeite weighs heavier and its price is more expensive. Poor quality jadeite may cost only a few dollars to ten dollars per gram. Medium-quality jadeite may cost tens to hundred dollars per gram. The price of good quality jadeite can be several hundred dollars per gram. The price of best quality jadeite can be thousands dollars per gram.

How to know the jadeite is high quality?

It's very simple. The higher the grade of jadeite, the finer its texture, the more dense its structure, the more beautiful its color, the better its purity, and the more basically flawless it is.