Compared with jadeite, aventurine jade may be unfamiliar to everyone, but in fact, there are many jade jewelry on the market now mostly aventurine jade. Aventurine jade is a kind of quartz ore produced in Aksu, Xinjiang. Like Huanglong jade, its chemical composition is silicon oxide and has no fixed shape. It usually has green, yellow, pink, red, white, blue and other colors. Green is the most common. Turquoise and emerald green are the best.

what is aventurine jade?

Quartz ore was originally colorless or pure white. In the long formation process, it contained other substances and trace elements, showing a series of attractive colors and special optical phenomena, and became the favorite aventurine jade.

Dongling jade is called the sister stone of jade because its color is similar to jade. Although it is not completely jade, its texture is very smooth and delicate. Although it is not jade, its color is very clear and lustrous. Usually There are green, red, blue and other colors, green, emerald green or emerald color is the top grade, Xinjiang Aksu is the most authentic.

what is aventurine jade?

Of course, compared with the popular jadeite, the less-known aventurine jade is much cheaper. Its biggest advantage in winning everyone's heart is that it is as beautiful as jadeite and as expensive as cabbage.

The difference between aventurine jade and jadeite:

1. Aventurine jade is light in weight and feels light in the hand;

2. The glass light of aventurine jade is not heavy, it has the feeling of matt and fog, and the refractive index is relatively low;

3. It can be seen that there are green chrome mica sheets arranged in parallel in the aventurine jade by perspective light. When viewed from the side, a "green line" is often formed. Viewed under a Charles filter, green chrome mica appears red;

4. The color of aventurine jade is darker, and it does not have the vividness and transparency of jadeite. Many people think that Dongling jade is less "jade aura" than jadeite.

what is aventurine jade?

Although the price of Aventurine jade is much lower than that of jadeite, it does not mean that Aventurine jade is inferior to jadeite.

Blue aventurine is an excellent spiritual healer, green aventurine is a heart coordinator, and red aventurine is suitable for women to wear to increase affinity and enhance women's beauty, nobility, and kindness.Buddhism believes that Aventurine jade can ward off evil spirits and protect the body. Aventurine jade can keep the glands secreting in operation, can treat hay fever, and increase the low-frequency radio waves of the human body; it is worth mentioning that Aventurine jade has another effect: it can make people feel happy, especially for friends who have lost love. Said to be a good medicine, it can not only comfort the wounded heart, but also promote the courage to fall in love again.

For some consumers who cannot afford the price of jadeite, Aventurine jade is also a good choice. Even if it is not compared with jadeite, if you just look at aventurine jade, it is not bad. Friends who like it can pay attention to it.