Jade Circle, also known as Peace Button, is usually made of jade and is presented as a ring. It is a traditional Chinese mascot. It is sleek and flexible in appearance, in line with the "moderate way" in traditional Chinese culture, and is often given as gifts by relatives and friends A gift means peace.

The outer ring of the Jade Circle is round, symbolizing the vastness of the universe and the infinite chaos. The inner circle is also round, praying for our inner peace and tranquility.

In its tiny space, contains the entire magnificent nature. It shows that when your heart is in harmony with heaven and earth, there is great tolerance and harmony that locks in your peace.

The origin of the Jade Circle

Jade Circle is transformed from ancient copper coins. Copper coins have been contaminated by thousands of people's hands, which can ward off evil and ensure peace. However, wearing copper coins will have a copper odor. The original outer circle and inner square are changed to outer circle and inner circle, the square hole in the middle becomes a round hole, which is convenient to wear and beautiful.

The outer ring of the jadeite Jade Circle symbolizes the vast chaos of heaven and earth; the inner ring is like the trunk of our inner peace and tranquility, which has a very Chinese characteristic meaning to bless health and ward off evil and avoid disasters.

The hole of the safety buckle can be large or small.

Jadeite is a relatively common material of Jade Circle, with a transparent texture. Jadeite jade generally has aura. Wearing a live jadeite can prevent disasters. Therefore, jadeite Jade Circle has become one of our most common jade accessories.

what is jade circle?

The meaning of wearing jade circle pendant

1. The meaning of peace: the most direct meaning of the Jade Circle is peace, peace is the greatest blessing, and bless the wearer with a smooth and safe life.

2. The meaning of gathering wealth: Jade Circle comes from copper coins, so it also has the meaning of attracting wealth, especially some businessmen/business personnel/people with floating income wear it, which has auspicious omens of gathering wealth.

3. The meaning of completeness: the design of the Jade Circle is a big circle along with a small circle, which symbolizes the meaning of home in the heart, harmony between husband and wife, and family happiness.

4. Entrusting joy: If worn by the child, the jade circle pendant contains the parents' expectations for the child, peace and joy, and academic success.

5. Prayers: Peace is our greatest wish for our relatives, so it is also suitable for the elderly to wear jade circle pendant.


jade circle


Although the Jade Circle is simple and inconspicuous, and there is no changeable shape and decoration, it can be worn by anyone. Whether it is worn by himself or given to others, it is a very suitable and beautiful gift.