6 Ways To Caring For The Jade Rings

Jade Ring


1. Do not collide with hard objects. Jade is easy to break after being impacted. Sometimes although no cracks are visible to the naked eye, the molecular structure in the surface of the jade has been damaged, resulting in dark cracks, which will show up over time, greatly damaging its exquisiteness and collection value.

2. Avoid dust and oil stains as much as possible. If there is dust on the surface of the jade, it is advisable to clean it with a soft brush; if there is dirt or oil stains attached to the surface of the jade, it can be washed with mild soapy water and then washed with water.

3. The jade rings should be put properly when not in use, it is best to put it in a jewelry bag or jewelry box to avoid bruising.



4. Avoid contact with perfume, chemicals, soap or human sweat. Because the jade is eroded after being exposed to too much sweat, the outer layer is damaged, and the original bright color is affected. In particular, white jade is more resistant to sweat and grease. After wearing it, wipe it off with a soft cloth.

5. Do not expose to direct sunlight for a long time. Jade ware expands when exposed to sunlight, and the molecular volume increases, which will affect the quality of jade. Therefore, avoid getting close to the heat source.

6. Tea water can be used to raise jade. For example, the jade raised by green tea is smooth, the jade raised by black tea is red, and the jade raised by Fu tea has beneficial probiotics and nourishment.