What Is Jade Buddha Statue

Jade Buddha Statue


Main Forms of Jade Buddha Statue

According to different functions, there are three main forms of the Jade Buddha statue:

1. It is used for temples or people to make wishes. Now some companies will place jade Buddhas in the halls or offices for safety and wealth.

2. Many jewelry stores sell jade Buddha pendants and other accessories, such as Guanyin Jade Buddha, Maitreya Jade Buddha, and Hetian Jade Buddha. Most people want to wear the jade Buddha to bless them.

3. It is used for antique collections. Many jade Buddhas unearthed in history or passed down are collected by antique collectors, and the prices are often expensive.

What is Jade Buddha culture

Buddha culture has been widely used in the themes of jade carving. Buddha pendants, ornaments, and toy pieces are more traditional carving themes.

Maitreya Buddha, who is also known as the Buddha of the future, is the most common jade pendant shape. It has a compassionate heart and powerful magic power, who can help the world through suffering. Whenever people see the smiling Buddha Maitreya with a big belly, they feel relax, as if they have been relieved. In addition, there are some common jade Buddha statues, such as Tathagata, Jigong Living Buddha, Guanyin Bodhisattva, and so on. 

The Biggest Jade Buddha Statue In The World

In 1960, a giant jade stone weighing 260.76 tons came out on Huayugang Mountain, Hadabei Town, Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County, Liaoning Province, China. The entire jade body is shining brightly, with colorful colors, including emerald green, apricot yellow, vermilion, sea blue, milky white, light and dark green. Under the sun, it is colorful and beautiful.


Jade Buddha Statue