Jade Necklace Meaning: 4 key things you should know


 Jade Necklace Meaning


Jade Necklace is very popular in Asian culture. It is believed to have the effect of eliminating evil, avoiding evil, blocking evil, and authenticating.

1. Jade Necklace Meaning: Ward off evil spirits

Jade necklace is regarded as a lucky thing since ancient times. Primitive people have a kind of "heart-consciousness" to jade and advocated "the god of jade" in the olden time. Under the influence of primitive religion. Jade is also used as a sacred "sacrifice", used as a medium for communicating with the gods, offering sacrifices to the heavens and the earth, praying for the blessings of the gods, and bringing blessings to people; it has been a magic weapon for warding off evil and eliminating disasters since ancient times.

2. Jade Necklace Meaning: Meditation

Jade Necklace has the function of calming and calming the nerves, which has been established in ancient times and is also recorded in medical books. The beauty of jade is virtue and spirituality. While wearing, playing or watching the jade, it can calm your body and mind.

 Jade Necklace Meaning


3.Jade Necklace Meaning: Gather wealth

Our ancestors believed that jade can bring wealth. After thousands of years of cultural accumulation, jade has also produced countless jade allusions, such as the jade brave and jade Guan Gong, all of which are feng shui jade pieces. 

4. Jade Necklace Meaning: Handed down from ancient times

It is not jade that has been handed down from generation to generation, but the collection value of jade itself. In ancient times, when a daughter married, mothers would always pull out a jade bracelet at the bottom of the box to make a dowry for their daughter. When this daughter became a mother and had a daughter to be married, the jade bracelet was passed on to this generation. , Not only is the family mark that blood is thicker than water, but also the value-added function of jade handed down.