How to clean jade necklace


how to clean jade necklace


When worn as an ornament, jade will inevitably come into close contact with human body sweat, grease, etc. For a long time, the surface of jade, especially white jade, will become dull in color and decrease in gloss. In some jade ornaments with carved patterns, In the middle, it is easier to hide dirt. Therefore, just as the beauty who is born with beauty cannot do without maintenance, jade jewelry also needs careful maintenance, and cleaning is the first step of maintenance.

3 Ways to clean jade necklace

1. Soak in water

Soak the jade jewelry in clear water for about 30 minutes, and the jade jewelry will spit out the impurities on the surface. The purpose of soaking in water is to allow the jade jewelry to fully absorb some water and keep it in a warm and moist state. Never pour some harsh cleaners in it. This can cause erosion on the surface of jade jewelry, and directly affect its beauty and value.

2. Use a soft brush to clean it

If the jade has been carved, you can find a soft brush to clean it. If the jade jewelry is very exquisitely carved, or the carved structure is very complicated. Then, when cleaning, you can put some neutral detergent. Then find a soft brush to wipe, so that the dust in the gap can come out, and then rinse with clean water.

3. Ultrasonic cleaning

In recent years, many jewelry stores have equipped with ultrasonic cleaners to clean customers' jewelry. This method uses a strong alkaline cleaning agent to wipe, followed by ultrasonic vibration to clean. However, the vibration of the ultrasonic wave may make small cracks that have not been noticed become large. Therefore, it is best not to use ultrasonic vibration to clean jade jewelry with stone grain, it is best to use clean water to clean.


How to clean jade necklace

How to care for your jade jewelry

When wearing it, be careful not to deliberately smear oil stains on the jade surface. Although the body's oil is conducive to the maintenance of jade, if too much oil will block the pores of the jade, it will hinder the metabolism of the jade, thereby affecting the luster and texture of the jade.

In summer, we should pay special attention to the care of jade because of sweat a lot. The salt, fatty acid, or other substances in sweat can affect the quality of jade. If we do not clean it for a long time, it will make the surface of the jade yellow. Therefore, we need to clean the jade and scrub the stone within a period, and do not touch the cosmetics or perfume.

How to store your jade jewelry

The jade jewelry placed on the counter window will easily cause moisture loss early due to the exposure of the spotlight, which will damage the luster. You can put a glass of water next to it to replenish moisture and make jade always shiny and bright.

It is best to prepare a special container for storage of jade that has been idle for a long time to avoid mixed storage with other metal ornaments to avoid collisions and scratches on the surface of the jade.