Is it ok to shower with princess jade necklace



Jade Composition

The main chemical components of jade are: silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, and sodium oxide.

Due to the different chemical composition, it presents various colors, and there are many types. Jade can be divided into Nephrite jade and Jadeite jade. The colors of Nephrite jade are semi-transparent white, yellow, green and black, with uniform color distribution; the colors of jadeite jade are mainly white, purple, yellow and green, and the uniformity of color distribution varies with germplasm.

Is it ok to shower with jade necklace

When taking a daily bath, the things that can affect jade are water temperature and chemical erosion. Generally, people should not use more than 40° in the bath. This temperature is a more suitable temperature acceptable to the body. Because of the stability of nature jade, it will not cause any harm at this temperature.

It is not recommended to wear jade when taking a bath, because shampoo, shower gel and other chemical-containing products are used during the bathing process. If jade is contaminated with chemical components for a long time, the luster and color of jade will be affected to a certain extent. And when the chemical composition penetrates into the interior of the jade, the structure of the jade will also be changed.

Except that it is not suitable to wear jade when taking a bath, it is best not to wear jade during heavy physical activity, otherwise it will greatly increase the chance of jade damage. At the same time, when staying in a high temperature environment for a long time, the jade should be picked off in advance and stored in a cool place, otherwise the water inside the jade will evaporate.

Cleaning Jade

  1. Avoid collision with hard objects. Jade is easy to crack after collision. Sometimes the cracks are not visible to the naked eye. In fact, there are dark cracks on the surface of jade, which seriously damages the perfection and economic value of jade. The jade should be far away from the sun. Prevent the texture and color of jade from being affected. Avoid using chemical agents. Chemical agents can cause certain damage to jade. Don't let it cause damage to jade.
  2. Avoid dust and grease as much as possible. If there is dirt or oil stains on the jadeite surface, use light soapy water to clean it, and then rinse with clean water. Do not use chemical degreasers. Newly purchased jadeware should also be soaked in clean water for several hours, cleaned with a soft brush (toothbrush), and then wiped with a clean cotton cloth before wearing it. Clean regularly. Jadeite is usually cleaned every once in a while.