How To Care For Jade Bracelets


Jade Bracelet


As the king of jade, jade has become more and more popular and sought after by women who love beauty. Its full color can show the beauty of women’s wealth and wealth.

2 Steps To Care For Jade

First of all, ensure that your jade bracelet is not harmed. Although the hardness of jadeite is high, it is very brittle. Sometimes a light collision will not cause obvious damage to the jadeite necklace, but dark cracks may have appeared inside. So don't wear jade bracelets when doing housework. Sunlight and chemicals in daily life will also affect the luster and texture of jadeite. In daily life, keep your jade bracelet away from stains and dust as much as possible. If you encounter it, wash it with clean water and a soft towel.

Secondly, jade bracelets should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Soak it in water for several hours when cleaning, clean it with a soft brush, and then slowly wipe it off with a soft towel. For jade bracelets that have not been worn for a long time, rub some olive oil or other colorless oils, and then use a plastic bag to seal it up, so that the jade bracelets will retain their luster. Hot paraffin wax can clean the stubborn stains of jade bracelets worn for many years. Jade jewelry is often worn on the body. This is the so-called "Jade nourishes people, and man nourishes jade." Jade absorbs the oil and moisture in the human body and makes it more shiny.


Jade Bracelet


How To Care For Rough Jade

1. Store It Safely

One of the maintenance methods of rough jadeite is to store it safely. The so-called safe storage refers to placing the rough jadeite indoors, avoiding bumps, and avoiding corrosive environments such as acid and alkali. Do not place jadeite rough outdoors, because wind, sun, rain, etc. can easily change the texture of jadeite. To provide a safe and comfortable storage environment for rough jade stones as much as possible, some special maintenance oil for rough jade stones should be selected for maintenance. In addition, it is necessary to frequently remove the dust or stains on the rough jade stone to ensure that the rough jade stone has a suitable humidity, clean and safe storage environment.

 2. Avoid moving frequently

The rough jadeite is best stored somewhere indoors, and don't move around frequently. The maintenance of rough jadeite should avoid moving it back and forth, because if the rough jadeite is often moved, the rough jadeite may be cracked, which will affect the value of the jadeite and cause irreparable losses. The rough jade stone should be moved as little as possible, and care should be taken to ensure that the rough jade stone is not bumped during daily cleaning.

3. Need To Add Water

 After cutting the rough jadeite, cover it with a clean white cotton cloth to avoid contamination with dust. The rough jadeite should be stored in a clean and humid place. In addition, pay attention to regularly add moisture to the jadeite rough. You can soak the jadeite rough in clean water for one to two days every few months or half a year to add enough moisture to the jadeite rough to ensure the luster and texture of the jadeite.