The Types Of Jade Buddha


Jade Buddha


Nowadays, more and more people hang the Emerald Buddha on their chests or put them in their homes, which means to protect themselves and their families and to incur blessings. These are people's longings and wishes for a better life. In Buddhism, there are many Buddhas, such as Shakyamuni Buddha, Maitreya Buddha, Hotei Buddha, Jigong Buddha and so on. People prayed to the Buddha for peace and happiness.

Jade Shakyamuni Buddha

The Buddha Shakyamuni sits on the lotus platform, the fallen leaves are flying, the auspicious clouds are thousands of miles, blessing the perfect life, the Buddha's light shine. The meaning of great enlightenment, insight into the wisdom of all things in the world.

Jade Maitreya Buddha

Chinese people often say that "males wear Guanyin and females wear Buddhas." Most of the Buddhas refer to Maitreya Buddha, which means to bring blessing and harmony to people. In general, Maitreya Buddha has a round face and blessed ears, a lovely smile, a naked breast, a relaxed and unrestrained, kind eyebrows and a good-looking, open smile, which can arouse people's relaxed and happy mood, so it is also called "Big Belly Buddha" and the Big Belly can tolerate the world. Therefore, the Emerald Maitreya Buddha means "tolerance and optimism".


Jade Buddha


Jade Budai Buddha

It is said that the Budai Buddha is the incarnation of Maitreya Buddha in the folk. A touch of the Budai Buddha’s belly can eliminate disasters, relieve sorrows, and keep people safe, and smile often. Therefore, the emerald cloth bag Buddha has the meaning of fortune and fortune.

Jade Jigong Buddha

The Jigong Buddha, also known as the Moon Draining Light, is usually shaped like a broken hat, broken fan, and broken shoes. It is free and easy, anxious, helping others, helping people in danger, eliminating violence, blaming good and punishing evil...Various virtues are widely recited. Therefore, this kind of jade Jigong Buddha is endowed with the implied meaning of smooth weather and success.

Jade Baby Buddha

The face and body of the baby Buddha are as quiet and peaceful as a baby, clean and clear, reflecting the Buddha's heart in the innocent and worry-free, very affinity. Especially suitable for children to wear. Use the pure water of a child's heart to experience the joys of life with "Buddha nature that is neither extravagant nor greedy, nor empty nor dissatisfied." Therefore, the Emerald Baby Buddha implies compassion, wisdom, and discernment between good and evil.