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Jade Necklaces


What Types Of Jade Necklace Do Men Wear

In ancient times, the ancients regarded jade as treasure. "The Book of Rites·Yuzao" says "The ancient gentleman must admire jade". Jade necklace became a symbol of the virtue of a gentleman. And the men who like to wear jade excluding the factor of wealth, are often delicate.

1. Jade Square cards Necklace

Many ancient men wore jade necklaces. The square cards are square or rectangular. And some square cards which are called "nothing cards", are smooth and without patterns, simple and elegant, which is suitable for men.

At the same time, the vastness of the Nothing Card also symbolizes the vastness of the man's heart. Some wares are carved with bas-relief or hollow-out carvings of various patterns and characters, which also entrust a beautiful meaning.

2. Jade Safety buckle Necklace

Safety buckle can be worn by men, women, young and old. The safety buckle represents a good wish in people's hearts, and the peace of life is also everyone's wish. And men wearing safety buckles are very angry and full of charm. What men need outside is health and safety. A simple safety buckle contains such a meaning.

3. Jade Five Big Beasts Necklace

Five big beasts include dragon, unicorn, brave, tortoise, and phoenix. This is also a jade carving auspicious pattern that has existed since ancient times. "Swiss beast" has been an important subject of jade carving art since ancient times. For example, the brave in it has a mouth but no anus, can swallow all things without venting, but can only enter and cannot exit, and has special magical powers.

Therefore, it has the meaning of attracting wealth and absorbing wealth from the four sides, and it also has the meaning of driving away evil and bringing good luck. 


Jade Necklace


4. Black Jadeite Necklace

Black jadeite refers to the green and black jade. Myanmar locally calls it the "shadow of a successful man" because it follows behind the man like a towering figure formed behind a man who has achieved a great cause. Because of its steady and strong black, Mo Cui is often used to sculpt the awe-inspiring images of Guan Gong, etc. It is also most suitable for men to wear.