How To Care For gold Jade Pendant

 Gold jade necklace


1. Don not collide with hard objects, and don't let jade pendants fall from high altitude.

Although jade has high hardness, it is easy to crack after being impacted, and there will be dark cracks. Sometimes although it is not visible, the molecular structure of its inner layer may have been destroyed. This will make the economic value of gold inlaid jade and Perfection is greatly affected.

2. Don not let the gold-inlaid jade come into contact with oil stains.

Because the oil stains can easily settle on the surface of the gold-inlaid jade ornaments, which will have a great impact on the brilliance of the surface.

3. Do not place gold inlaid jade ornaments in places exposed to direct sunlight for a long time or near heat sources.

Because heyu is easy to expand when heated, the molecular volume increases, and it is easy to lose the warm water, which will affect the quality and color of its jade. If the surface is oily, it should be washed gently with mild soapy water, then rinsed with clean water, and then wiped dry with a clean white soft cloth.

4. Keep the gold-inlaid jade ornaments clean and do not let them come into contact with dust.

If there is dust on the gold-inlaid jade ornaments, wipe it gently with a soft white clean towel or brush; it is best to use professional care regularly Clean it once with the antibacterial liquid, and then wipe it dry with a white soft cloth.

5. Maintain proper humidity for gold inlaid jade ornaments.

Do not place gold inlaid jade ornaments in a too dry environment, because the too dry environment will easily evaporate the natural moisture contained in the jade, which will cause it to lose its luster and have a great impact on its value. Don't put gold inlaid jade in the jewelry box for a long time, because the jade part will lose water and become dry and lose its luster if the gold inlaid jade is placed for a long time.


gold jade pendant necklace


6. When you are not wearing gold inlaid jade ornaments, you need to carefully put them in place.

When you are not wearing gold inlaid jade ornaments, you need to put them separately in a soft jewelry bag or a jewelry box padded with soft materials such as cotton wool to avoid scratches or damage.

7. Avoid chemical agents

Chemical agents can cause certain damage to jade and gold, such as various detergents, soaps, insecticides, cosmetics, perfumes, hairdressing agents, etc. If it is accidentally stained, it should be wiped off and cleaned in time to avoid damage.