3 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Gold Jade Necklace


Gold Jade Necklace


1. Whether the quality of the jade inlaid is intact and clean.

When you get the gold jade necklace, please look at it from all angles and look at the light from all angles where you can see the jade. Check whether there are cracks, hidden spots, cotton pieces, etc. Try to buy simpler styles with gold inlays around the jade (most of the jade egg noodles are exposed), because some merchants may use gold patterns to cover up the defects on the jade.

In addition, the bottom of the jade egg surface of gold-inlaid jade jewelry is generally exposed, which helps light to pass through the jade and makes the jade look more spiritual from the front. However, some merchants seal the bottom of the jade egg noodles with precious metal (full back cover), so that consumers cannot see the back of the jade. For such a style, everyone should be careful and ask whether the jade of the merchant has flaws that you cannot accept. And cracks, and let them write a good quality guarantee.

2. The type of precious metal used for inlay and its true and false.

There are many types of precious metals used in inlaying jade, the common ones are PT platinum, 18K yellow-white-red and other three-color gold, 14K, 9K and other low-K gold, palladium (uncommon), etc., and some low-grade jade will be used Silver jewelry is inlaid, but silver jewelry will oxidize and turn black when worn or placed for a long time, so it is mostly used for low-grade jade.

Good jade merchants generally do not match silver jewelry. Generally speaking, gold inlaid jade jewelry has a certificate to show for you, so you don't have to worry about the quality of precious metals. If you choose gold jewelry and jade by yourself, I suggest you choose 18K gold, because the hardness and ductility of 18K gold in all colors are great.

3. Whether the style of inlaid jewelry is your favorite style.

As for the inlay style, it is completely out of your own preferences. Choose the ring or pendant style that suits your hand shape and face shape. Some styles of inlaid jade jewelry will be matched with diamonds, colorful gems and other matching stones. When buying, you should carefully observe whether the matching stones are loose, dropped, or broken. You must find the appraisal conclusion on the part of the jewelry matching stone on the appraisal certificate, if not, ask the merchant for proof.


Gold Jade Necklace