Green Aventurine Meaning



  • What is Aventurine?
  •  Aventurine Origin
  • Aventurine Colors
  • Aventurine Grades
  • Green Aventurine Meaning
    • Happy, Healthy and Positive
    • Gathering Wealth
    • Prosperity and Vitality
  • Green Aventurine Healing Properties
    • Spiritual Healing
    • Psychological Healing
    • Physiological Healing
  • How to Maintain Aventurine?
  • Conclusion

What is Aventurine?

Aventurine, also known as "dongling stone", is an oily green quartzite containing chromium mica, and its color is very beautiful. Nowadays, people collectively refer to all the brightly colored, dense and tough quartzite or secondary quartz in the earth's crust as "Aventurine." Aventurine texture is dense, delicate, tough and smooth.

Aventurine jade is mainly composed of quartz stone. Quartz stone is originally pure white, but other trace elements and minerals have been infiltrated during the formation process of Aventurine jade, it forms a variety of colors of aventurine such as red, blue, and green. Green is the most common. Aventurine is also a member of the crystal family. Its inclusions usually is microcrystalline grains, pyrite, etc, therefore, transparent spots or reflective spots often appear on the stone surface.

Aventurine Origin

Aventurine stone is distributed in Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Beijing and Xinjiang, China. The largest mine production areas are India and Brazil, so it is also known as "Indian jade". The biggest deposits in India exist in Mysore and Chennai.
Spain, Chile and Russia also have abundant deposits, but its color is not green. The aventurine in these origin are found in shades of orange, grey and even white.

Aventurine Colors

Aventurine is a kind of quartzite with placer gold effect. And its color is different due to the different impurity minerals contained in it. It can be divided into four colors: green aventurine, blue aventurine, red aventurine and purple aventurine.

  • Green Aventurine: Containing lead mica, present in emerald green or dark green. Lead mica is distributed in the stone in the form of silk dots.
  • Blue Aventurine: Containing blue line stone, present in dark blue or dark blue. Blue line stone is distributed in the stone in the form of tape.
  • Red Aventurine: Containing hematite, present in brown-red, iron-red or orange-red. Hematite is distributed in the stone in the form of silk dots.
  • Purple Aventurine: Containing lepidolite, present in purple or lavender. Lepidolite is distributed in the stone in the form of silk dots.

Aventurine Grades

The first-grade green aventurine is bright green or dark green.
It has a strong greasy luster and is translucent. Its texture is dense, delicate, tough and smooth. It does not contain any impurities, cracks and other defects.
The secondary green aventurine is bright green. It has a strong greasy luster and is slightly transparent. Its texture is dense, delicate and tough. It contains traces of impurities or small spots, but no cracks and other defects.
The third-grade green aventurine is green. It has a strong greasy luster and is slightly transparent. Its texture is dense and tough. It contains a small amount of impurities, cracks and other defects.

Green Aventurine Meaning

1. Happy, Healthy and Positive

The green aventurine is a relatively high-quality aventurine, the texture is delicate, smooth, dense and tough. Its green color gives people a healthy and happy feeling. This kind of positive energy can relieve people's stress, make people's hearts and minds broader and far-reaching.

2. Gathering Wealth

Green is also the color of wealth, and it is said that green aventurine can absorb wealth. Many businessmen hope that aventurine jade can bring good fortune to themselves.

3. Prosperity and Vitality

The emerald green of aventurine stone symbolizes spring and gives people a feeling of vitality. Therefore, green aventurine implies prosperity and vitality.

Green Aventurine Healing Properties

Spiritual Healing

Crystal has a unique composition and structure, and its strong spirituality is inherent, as is the aventurine jade that is a member of the crystal family. Aventurine jade has a powerful purifying effect, which can purify the surrounding evil and drive away unclean things so as to achieve the effect of warding off evil. It can also reverse people's bad luck and bring people good luck and wealth.

Psychological Healing

The green aventurine makes the wearer happy and relieves stress. Aventurine jade is good medicine for those who have fallen out of love, not only to comfort the broken heart, but also to promote the courage to fall in love again. It is also effective in relieving various stress in people's life and work, broadening their horizons and broadening their minds. It is also known as the lucky stone for the May birth date, bringing good luck and fortune to the wearer.

Physiological Healing

Green is the most valuable of the various colors of aventurine stone. Green corresponds to the heart chakra and is good for the heart and lungs. Not only is green aventurine a powerful function of treating mental illness, it is also a powerful palliative for diseases of the cardiopulmonary system.

Different colors of Aventurine also contain different minerals and trace elements. Regularly wearing aventurine can effectively supplement the scarce trace elements and minerals in the human body to enhance the body's immunity, strengthen the body, and improve beauty.

Wearing aventurine jade can effectively relieve eye fatigue and also have a better preventive effect on myopia.

How to Maintain Aventurine?

Aventurine jade will become more and more oily and the color will become clearer and brighter when worn for a long time. When it is not worn for a long time, the jade is prone to lack of water and will appear the phenomenon of white cotton spots on the surface, which will also appear when the weather is hot and dry. The phenomenon of dry and cracked surface is the normal water loss of natural jade.
When not worn, jade can be sealed with jade care oil or often played with by hand to keep aventurine jade at suitable humidity. The aventurine can absorb the oil and sweat secreted by the human body to replenish moisture. If aventurine loses water, it can be restored by wearing it in time.

Although Aventurine jade should be kept at a suitable humidity, but not a lot of contact with water, because after a large amount of contact with water, it is easy to wash off the natural oil layer on the surface of the jade, and then it is more likely to cause water loss. After bathing or swimming, remember to apply a layer of maintenance oil or plant oils on the surface of the aventurine to prevent water loss.


As a type of natural crystal, Aventurine jade can not only be used as decorations, but can also be made into jewelry. It has a very beautiful appearance and is of great collection value. It also has its own unique healing properties. In addition, it is a precious crystal, although not as valuable as jadeite, because of its warm and soft feel and fine texture.

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