How to Cleanse Green Aventurine

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Aventurine Definition

Aventurine stone is also known as "dongling jade", because it was first produced in India, it can also be called "Indian jade". Aventurine stone is also found in other places, such as Spain, Brazil, the United States and Xinjiang, China. Aventurine is a quartz ore, usually comes in green, red and blue colors, among which green aventurine is the most common. The green aventurine has a green background with bright dots on it. It is less dense than jadeite, and its price is much lower than that of jadeite. High-quality aventurine is the sister stone of jadeite.

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How to Cleanse Green Aventurine?

The surface of clean green aventurine stone is bright and lustrous. If dust adheres to the surface of aventurine stone, you can wipe it gently with a cotton cloth or clean it with a soft brush. The cotton cloth should be soft white cloth, not dyed cloth, and not cloth with hard fiber. If the aventurine is inlaid with diamonds, red sapphires, emeralds, etc., it should only be wiped with a clean white cloth to help maintain the original quality.

If there is oil or sweat on the surface of green aventurine, you should wash it with a soft brush and warm water, then rinse it with water, and finally wipe it dry with a soft white cloth. It is important not to let the aventurine stone come into contact with any chemical substances when cleaning, so as to avoid the volatilization of the substances on the surface of the aventurine.

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How to Maintain Aventurine?

1. Avoid collisions between aventurine stone and hard objects. Although the internal structure of aventurine stone is dense and high in hardness, it is easy to crack after being hit. After the aventurine is hit, sometimes no cracks can be seen on the surface, but the internal molecular structure may be damaged and internal cracks may appear. Once an internal crack appears, its economic value will be greatly reduced.

2. Aventurine jade should be placed properly when not in use. It is best to put it in a jewelry box with a soft object such as a sponge as a base to avoid damage and scratching of the aventurine. This can also avoid accumulation of dust, which affects the brightness.

3. Avoid long-term direct sunlight. After the molecules in the aventurine are exposed to light, they will expand, resulting in cracks in the aventurine stone. Therefore, please avoid light and placed it in a cool place.

4. Aventurine should be kept at a suitable humidity level. If the surrounding environment is very dry, the water in the aventurine stone will easily volatilize, which will affect the quality of aventurine. This will also affect the artistic and economic value.

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