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Jadeite Definition

Jade is one of two minerals collectively called jade. Its chemical composition is Sodium aluminum silicate (NaAl(Si2O6)). It can contain impurities of iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, titanium, manganese, and others. Impurities cause the color of jade to be different.

Jadeite Color

Jadeite is found in a variety of colors including many shades of green, lavender, white, gray, yellow, orange, brownish-red, black and colorless. Raw jade comes in large nondescript boulders. The color is only visible after the boulder is cut. Most natural jadeite often show gradations in various colors, with very homogenous color being somewhat rare.
Intense green with a medium to medium-dark tone is the most valued. As the color becomes lighter, darker, more grayish or brownish or yellowish, the value decreases. The more it approaches a pure green, the more valuable it is.

Jadeite Hardness

Hardness 6.5–7
Both jadeite and nephrite are well known as polycrystalline gemstones of great toughness, but jadeite is a little harder and denser, and as a result can take a higher polish than nephrite. After polished, good-quality jade has an oily feel and a shine emanating from it. Good quality jadeite is more highly prized and scarcer than nephrite. Jadeite isn't very hard and resistant to scratching compared to diamond, but it is unusually tough—resistant to breakage and chipping.

Jadeite Transparency

Some jadeite stones can appear to be opaque, but when light is shone through them, they are translucent. The best jadeite is either near-transparent or highly translucent. As the transparency of jade decreases, so does its value.

Jadeite Clarity (Purity)

High quality jadeite is free of flaws such as cracks and spots that reduce beauty or durability. The number, size, color, position and nature of flaws determine the clarity of a stone. As the purity of jade decreases, so does its value. Cracks are particularly detrimental to the value.

Jadeite Properties

Jadeite has been used to awaken the aspiration of human beings to accomplish the virtues promoted by history traditions. Jade is a stone of aspiration and completion. It helps us develop beneficial qualities.

Jadeite has five virtues:
• Benevolent, because it is moistening, lustrous, and warm
• Righteous, because it has the same texture outside and inside
• Wisdom, as its sound is tender and beautiful and spreads afar
• Brave, as it does not bend, even if it has to be broken
• Pure, as it is clean and clear.

The virtues and their associated colors are:
• Black—clarity and wisdom
• Green—righteousness
• Lavender—integrity
• Yellow—loyalty
• White—devotion and purity

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