jade healing power


In New Zealand, the Maori wore “greenstone” talismans to ensure long life and fertility. The Aztecs prized Jade for its healing properties and connection to their gods. The indigenous people believed the stone cured kidney diseases. Muslims wore Jadeamulets to protect against harm and annoyance. This stone signifies wisdom gathered in tranquility, it aids meditation and stress release. Placed on your forehead or under your pillow, it induces insightful dreams and helps you understand their meanings. In the language of crystals, Jade symbolizes good fortune and protection.


The early Chinese thought Jade was a cleansing cure-all. Powdered and mixed with water, it can prolong life, prevent fatigue and delayed decomposition(There is no scientific basis yet, please don't try). Jade healed asthma and diseases of the blood, and it is still used for this purpose today. In the Middle Ages, Jade assisted childbirth, reduced palpitations and relieved dropsy. Modern crystal workers use it to detoxify the kidneys and adrenals. Jade is also a powerful muscle relaxant. Jade can energetically restructure cells, place it gently over the wound to encourage healing of it.


Jade is an excellent stone for restoring your soul’s purity and for nurturing you while in incarnation. Blue Jade brings serenity and aids people who are overwhelmed by their life situations. Brown Jade connects to the supportive energy of the Earth. Delicate Lavender Jade helps heal emotional trauma and takes you to a higher level of relationship with yourself and others. Yellow Jade gently energizes. Orange and Red are powerfully invigorating, enhancing vitality and igniting passion for life. White Jade is the ultimate symbol of purity.


Hold Jade over your solar plexus for a few minutes each day to stabilize your psyche and emotions and help you live harmoniously on the Earth.

jade healing