What Is Jade Buddha



Jade Buddha is a kind of jade jewelry that carved jade into the image of jade Buddha. The jade Buddha is a kind of jade carving that we commonly and love. The jade Buddha culture occupies a very important position in Chinese classical jade culture. 

The types of Jade Buddha

Jade Buddha is a collective term for jade jade Buddha pendants, jade Buddha pendants, and jade Buddha ornaments made of Sakyamuni Buddha, Amitabha, Medicine Buddha, etc.,

The style of the Jade Buddha is simple or complex, which mainly reflects the image of the saint of the Jade Buddha. Thick, thin and thin lines can be simple to outline and complex workmanship to highlight the appearance of the Jade Buddha. But no matter which type of jade Buddha it is, it must be very particular about the design effects and materials of the style. The facial expressions of the Jade Buddha must be kind, not bitter melon faces, etc., and no cracks or impurity spots on the face should be used as part of the head when drawing materials, so as not to affect the sacred image of the Jade Buddha. The magnificent Maitreya Buddha with a big belly and a smiling face welcomes him, the cloth-bag monk who walks around in a cool manner and is like an extraordinary pilgrim, calm and calm, kind-eyed Tathagata Buddha and so on.

The meaning of Jade Buddha

Buddhism is broad and profound, and has a long history. The origin, development and growth of Buddhism culture has always been a subject of deep investigation. Among them, the main teachings of Buddhism carrier Buddha are compassion, tolerance, tolerance, optimism, and consciousness. Jade culture is one of the traditional Chinese cultures. It is a symbol of holiness, beauty, kindness, and grace. It is also a lucky object that prays for good luck. It has been highly respected by Chinese literati for a long time. The combination of jade and Jade Buddha is a perfect combination of the essence of jade culture and buddha culture, rich in content and profound in meaning.