what is jade bracelet meaning?

Why is Jade one of the most popular gemstones? Because it is believed to bring good luck to its owner, like four-leaf clover. Besides that, jade also can protect its owner and guard against evil energy. Nowadays, many people wear jade jewelry as an amulet or lucky charm. Jade bracelet is one of the most popular jewelry in China. So Why people love wearing jade bracelet? What is its meaning and properties?

Jade bracelets meaning

Jade bracelets have always been one of the most important jewels in our Chinese culture. In addition to their beauty, jade bracelets also have beautiful meanings.

Jade bracelets symbolize auspiciousness and blessing.

Jade bracelets are a kind of traditional jade article. Their simple and generous shapes are deeply loved by the public. The design of jade bracelets are generally based on the themes of auspiciousness, love, and blessing, so people believe that wearing it can bring auspicious, blessings, happiness, wealth, good luck, etc.

Jade bracelets symbolize peace and safe.

Since ancient times, people have believed that jade bracelets can help people avoid evil and disasters. The warm color of the jade bracelet represents benevolent belief; the hard texture symbolizes tenacity; the bright and sleek appearance represents a peaceful and complete attitude.

Jade bracelets symbolize eternal and harmony.

The most of jade bracelet is ring-shaped. Since ancient times, the round shape has meaning of taking the circle round, revolving and turning, without beginning and end, endless life, and reunion.

Jade bracelets symbolize elegance and feminine tenderness.

The beauty of jade has always been praised by the Chinese, and so is the beauty of jade bracelets. In people’s minds, the jade bracelet is not only a symbol of gentleness and elegance but also represents nobility and elegance. In ancient times, the high grade bracelet is also a symbol of status.

The meaning of wearing a jade bracelet

jade bangle

1. People believe that the jade bracelet protects him from harm, and will break or chip when the wearer falls so as to avoid injury. The person wearing the bracelet may find that his beloved bracelet is damaged in an accident, but he is not injured.
2. Wearing Jade can not only beautify people's lives and cultivate temperament. It has the effects of calming and soothing the human body. Wearing it for a long time will make you refreshed and prolong your life.
3. Jade is a kind of spiritual mineral, used for self-cultivation. There is a saying that "a person raises jade for three years, and jade raises a person for a lifetime", so the longer you wear it, the better.
4. Wearing jade can absorb trace elements by human skin, activate cell tissues, and improve human immune function.
5. Jade contains elements that are beneficial to the human body. Jade ornaments are often worn and used to massage the skin and acupoints, which are good for the meridian, blood, and skin, etc., and have the effect of nourishing and beautifying the body.

The Benefits of Wearing a jade bracelet

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1. To improve your health condition – It is believed that wearing a jade bracelet helps to nourish and enhance your health, because human skin can absorb trace elements, activate cell tissues, and improve human immune function.
2. For protection – it is said to guard you against the evil spirit and negative energy.
3. For fashion and beauty – wearing jade bracelet give people a feel of elegance, you can get many praises. It is not only for the elderly women but also for the youngster women nowadays.

How to wear jade bracelet?

how to wear jade bangle
1. Wear it on your left wrist. Why? That is because it is closer to your heart so it is said to help in improving blood circulation.

2. Wet the jade bangle with water, wet your hands together and apply hand sanitizer or facial cleanser to your hands, then rub your hands until they foam.

3. When you are going to wear the jade bangle bracelet, Please try to completely relax the hand to a point where it is not tense. Put the hand on the soft place and put the bracelet on.

4. After putting on the bracelet gently, you can open the big finger and go in when the bracelet is worn to the tail of the big finger.

5. Do not wear other metal jewelry at the same time when wearing Hetian jade bracelets, so as to avoid deformation.

6. Avoid contact with water vapor and chemicals, and do not wear it for swimming, especially in sea water.

How to clean jade bracelet?

Use a clean, soft white cloth to wipe jade bracelets. Dyed cloth or hard-fiber cloth should not be used.
Wiping off grease, dust, impurities, moisture or sweat will help maintain and maintain the original quality.

How to maintain jade bracelet?

1. Avoid long-term direct sunlight for jade bracelets, because jade expands with heat and the molecular volume increases, which will affect the quality of jade.
2. Jade bracelets should maintain proper humidity. The quality of jade depends on a certain humidity to maintain, especially the jade of water gall agate and crystal. If the surrounding environment does not maintain a certain humidity and is very dry, the natural water inside will easily evaporate, thus losing its artistic and economic value.