3 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Jade Jewelry

After reading this article, you will know what jade is, what kinds of jade are there, and what grades of jade are there? Why is the price gap of jade so big? How to distinguish true jade?

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1. What is jade?

Jade is a mineral. It is divided into two different silicate minerals: nephrite and jadeite. Although they are similar in appearance, their chemical compositions are very different. Nephrite is a type of amphibole mineral(a silicate of calcium and magnesium) and jadeite is a type of pyroxene mineral(a silicate of sodium and aluminium). Jadeite has a higher hardness and is more durable. Nephrite is less lustrous and almost always opaque. Jadeite comes in a wider variety of colors, like green, pink, purple, brown and white. Nephrite generally comes in darker, more matte tones, like white, yellow, green and brown to black. Jadeite is mainly emerald, and nephrite is mainly Hetian jade. Whether it is nephrite or jadeite, they are both real, authentic Jade.

2. Which grades does jade has and how is the price?

Jade may be enhanced by some special treatment, sometimes it called "stabilized". The people will also refer to these as grades, but The degree of enhancement will affect the colour and texture quality of jade. According to methods of enhancement, there are 4 grades jade:

Grade A: Type A jade has not been treated in any way except surface waxing.
Grade B: The treatment involves exposing a promising but stained piece of jadeite to chemical bleaches or acids and impregnating it with a clear polymer resin. This results in a significant improvement of jade's transparency and colour.
Grade C: jade has been artificially stained or dyed. The translucency is usually lost and may result in a dull brown.
Type B+C: B+C jade is a combination of B and C: it has been both impregnated and artificially stained.
Grade D: jade is a composite stone such as a doublet comprising a jade top with a plastic backing.

The price of different grades of jade is very different.
A-grade jade is expensive. Calculated in carats on the market, the price has reached US$300 to US$900 per carat a few years ago.
Grade B jade is priced in kilograms (kg) in the market. In 2009, the price was US$40-300 per kilogram.
The price of C-grade jade is low, and it is priced in kilograms (kg) on the market. The price was once 15-40 US dollars per kilogram.
Grade D jade is the cheapest.

3. How to distinguish true jade?

① Listen to the sound, the real jade will make a crisp and pleasant sound when tapped, while the fake jade will sound dull and dull.
② Look at the color, the color of real jade is natural, soft, and dark. Change, fake jade color is coquettish, exaggerated, uniform.
③ Feel the temperature, real jade feels cold, fake jade feels mild.

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