Jadeite, is a kind of jade.The correct definition of jadeite is a fibrous aggregate composed of pyroxene minerals based on jadeite minerals.Jadeite is formed under the geological action to reach the jade grade stone polycrystalline aggregate, mainly by jadeite or jadeite and sodium (sodium chrome pyroxene) and sodium calcareous pyroxene (green pyroxene) composition, can contain amphibole, feldspar, chromite, limonite and so on.

Reasons for the formation

Jadeite is composed of numerous fine fibrous mineral microcrystals interwoven vertically and vertically to form a dense block aggregate.For the formation of jade in nature, there are four main views:

The first is the desilication products of the residual granitic magma that intruded into the ultrabasic rocks under high pressure.

The second view is that primary albite decomposes into jadeite during regional metamorphism.Or it is believed that under the action of compression and torsion stress caused by plate collision and low temperature, albite first formed blueblende schist with low metamorphism degree, and then further metamorphosed into jade-jade.

The third view is that the granite dikes and light gabbro dikes are metasomatized under the action of hot water solution with high chemical potential of sodium under the pressure of 12 ~ 14kPa.

The fourth view, based on the discovery of the water-methane-jadeite inclusions in jadeite, considers that jadeite is crystallized from the near-jadeite silicate melt, and that this melt originates from the alkali-containing pyroxene layer that widely exists in the mantle at a distance of 300 ~ 400km.Main ingredients

Jadeite characteristic parameters

1. Chemical composition: sodium aluminum silicate -- NaAI [Si2O6], often containing trace elements such as Ca, Cr, Ni, Mn, Mg, Fe.

CAS: 1344-00-9

2. Mineral composition: mainly jadeite, followed by chloropside, sodium chrome pyroxene, aegirine, hornblende, albite and so on.

3. Crystallization characteristics: monoclinic system, usually columnar, fibrous, felt-like compact aggregate, the raw material is lumpy and the secondary raw material is gravel

4. Hardness: 6.5-7.5

5. Leavage: there is no cleavage in fine-grained aggregates;Large particles can be seen in the section of the shining "fly wing"

6 gloss: grease gloss to glass gloss, high-grade products are glass gloss

7. Transparency: translucent to opaque

8. Relative density: 3.30 -- 3.36, generally 3.33 grams per cubic centimeter

9. Refractive index: 1.65 -- 1.67 (point measurement), there is a fuzzy shadow boundary near 1.66 on the refractometer

10. Color: The color is rich and colorful, among which green is the best. It can be divided into three types according to color.

(1)  leather color;Refers to the color of the outermost skin of jadeite, its formation and later weathering related.These colours are in various shades of red, yellow and grey and are characterized by a near concentric appearance near the skin of the raw material.Red is often called Philippe;

(2) ground color: also known as "base" color, the meaning of the base color, refers to other colors other than green, for different shades of white, oil color, lotus root powder, gray, etc.;

(3)  green color;Refers to the emerald color, this kind of color is characterized by various shades of green.Sometimes green contains black.Green is often called green.

11. Luminescence: light-colored jadeite emits dim white fluorescence in long-wave ultraviolet light, and has no reaction under short-wave ultraviolet light.

Culture of Jadeite

Over the long years, our ancestors created many auspicious patterns for the yearning and pursuit of a better life.These auspicious patterns are a combination of the working people's appreciation habits, reflecting people's good and healthy thoughts and feelings, so they are widely circulated in the society and welcomed by people.Auspicious patterns have been widely used in jadeite in the past dynasties."Wearing gold shows wealth and prosperity, and wearing jade protects peace". The auspicious patterns carved on jadeite are vivid and varied. The materials include people, utensils, animals and plants, etc., and the performance contents include praying for good fortune and longevity, peace and happiness, having many children and grandchildren, promotion to office and fortune.Gold and silver have a price.The categories of jade carving include jade Buddha, ruyi, peace buckle, bamboo section, long life lock, fu dou, PI xiu and so on.The implication is rich, such as a hundred years of good luck, dragon and phoenix chengxiang, longevity and longevity, No.1 and the first, even three, good luck as one wishes.