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Agate is a kind of chalcedony minerals, often mixed with opal and cryptocrystalline quartz striated block, hardness 6.5-7 degrees, specific gravity 2.65, color is quite hierarchical.Having translucency or opacity.The original form of tripartite crystal system.It is often dense and massive and forms a variety of structures, such as breast, grape-like, tuberculous, etc., and the common is concentric circle structure.The chalcedony composed of different colors, usually green, red, yellow, brown, white, etc.According to the pattern and impurity can be divided into onyx, entwined agate, moss agate, castle agate and so on.Often used as a plaything, ornamental, ornament, or plaything.Clusters of agate balls are often found in ancient burial objects.


There are many kinds of agates,Agate is pictographic grain (agate natural pattern, the agate, agate, pictographic having slice, grain aquatic agate, chalcedony, ocean landscape agate, agate, agate shadow patterns such as general), south red agate, warring states red agate, crystal agate, north red agate, green agate, purple green agate, YanYuan agate, sardonyx, fire agate, gobi agate, grape agate, agate, new blood WolfJiang Hetian agate seed material, worm agate and so on.


The agate stone has natural color, also has the post-processing dye.The natural color of agate is very rich and there are several common colors as follows:

(1) Red agate: Red is one of the main colors of agate. Generally, agate is maroon red, sauce red and yellow red.Some agates show uneven color, like the southern red agate, its interior has red spots.

(2) Blue agate: light blue is the main color, the transparency is poor when the color is darker, and sometimes some other brightly colored bands are distributed in the blue agate.

(3) Green agate: natural production of green agate is rare, quality is even more rare, the price is relatively increased.

(4) Purple agate: purple agate is rare, with deep and shallow purple, most of which is grape stone. This kind of agate has a coarse texture and is often translucent, but the purple of Wolf blood agate in Inner Mongolia is delicate.

(5) Black agate: mainly black, microstrip cyan or gray, most of the translucent shape.

(6) White agate: milky white or light gray, often with colorless transparent agate form a concentric stripe, strip.It is often interbedded with quartz.

(7) Gray agate: dark gray, light gray or cyan, some have not obvious concentric bands, often quartz interlayer or sand core inside.

(8) Yellow agate: usually light yellow, orange, brown yellow and light yellow, sometimes with pink, light red, light gray agate interlayer to form a beautiful belt.

The late dyed agate can be identified by infrared spectroscopy.

Chemical composition

The main component is silica, often repeated in layers due to alternation with hydrated silica (silicic acid).Because of its inclusion of oxide metal, the color can be from very light to dark.Using iron, cobalt, nickel and other salts, let them naturally permeate into the silicate gel, can make artificial "agate", natural agate may also be generated under similar circumstances.

The formation process

The history of agate is very remote. About 100 million years ago, underground magma was spewed out in large quantities due to changes in the earth's crust. As the lava cooled, steam and other gases formed bubbles.The air bubbles are sealed up when the rock freezes and form many holes.After a long time, the holes were immersed in a solution containing silica and condensed to silica gel.The fusible components of the iron-bearing rock enter the silica gel, and finally the silica crystallizes into agate.

Distribution range

The world's famous agate producing areas are: China, India, Brazil, Madagascar, the United States, Egypt, Australia, Mexico and other countries.Mexico, the United States and Namibia also produce lace - like bands of agate, known as "lace agate".Scenic agate is also found in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming and Montana.China's agate producing area is also widely distributed, almost all provinces, famous producing areas are: Yunnan, Heilongjiang Xunke, Liaoning, Hebei, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and so on.

Academic research

Northeast writer Tang Wei according to Mr. Zhang Hongzhao and stone material may be agate, and according to "Han Feizi" article mentioned four characteristics, put forward and stone "green agate said, that is, and stone is a rare and rare clipboard grass green agate.

To ward off bad luck

1.As one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, agate has been used as a talisman and talisman to ward off evil spirits since ancient times, symbolizing friendly love and hope.

2.In western magic, people are taught to write their wishes on a piece of paper, fold and wrap them, and then put them into the agate treasure bowl after meditation. At least put them for one day and one night, so that energy can agitate and strengthen them. After taking them out, they will be cremated and burned.

3.Wearing agate in summer is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also can cool down and prevent sunstroke.

4. Agnates are used as gems or craft products because of their rich colors and beautiful appearance, and can also be used to make bearings of precision instruments, agate gravels, agate emulsions and other industrial supplies.



First of all, we should pay attention not to hit hard objects or fall, do not use should be stored in a soft texture of jewelry box.To avoid contact with perfume, chemical liquid, soap or human sweat, in order to prevent erosion and affect the brightness of agate.

Secondly, we should pay attention to avoid heat sources, such as sunshine and stoves, because agate will expand when heated, and the increase of molecular gap will affect the quality of jade. Continuous contact with high temperature will also lead to the explosion of agate.

Agate is usually placed as far as possible to avoid the sun, often wipe to keep clean, if the condition is occasionally with pure water soak can supplement water, maintain humidity agate will be more beautiful.Small ornaments are best placed in a dark and humid place when not worn. The storage environment close to the original ecology of agate is the best. In particular, there is natural water in the water gall agate during its formation period.


The agate legend says that as Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, lay asleep under the shade of a tree, her son Eros, the god of love, secretly clipped her glittering nails and flew them into the sky with joy.When Eros flew into the air, he accidentally dropped his nail, and the nail that fell to the ground turned into stone, which was agate.Therefore, it is believed that having agate can strengthen love and adjust the feelings between oneself and the lover.In Japanese mythology, it is a crescent-shaped green agate that Yuzu gave to Amaterasu, which is one of the three Japanese artifacts."The Taiping Guangji" also has "agate, the blood of ghosts also."Add a strange color to the agate.

Since ancient times, agate has been regarded as a symbol of beauty, happiness, auspiciousness and wealth. It was awarded the title of "jade" because of its three characteristics, namely, magnificence, hardness and rarity.Fuxin, located in western Liaoning Province, is China's main agate producing area, processing area and distribution center of agate products. The agate resources are rich, accounting for more than 50% of the national reserves, and the quality is good.

Fuxin abounds in agate, not only rich in color, texture magnificent, complete varieties, but also produce precious water bile agate.The red agate of Zhenjiawubu Village in Laohe Township of Fuxin County and the green agate of the front hill of Meiliban Village are extremely precious.Fuxin agate processing industry is particularly developed, and its works have won the "Heavenly Works Award" in the national jade stone industry for several consecutive years.

Fine agate appreciation

Fine Agate Appreciation (20 sheets)

Because the ancient agate can make people invisible legend, so that agate for thousands of years much people's respect and love.Because of its beautiful appearance and tough texture, agates are used as ornaments and practical articles.Aate is one of the oldest known jade stones, as evided by its widespread use in ancient Sumerian and Egyptian amulets, containers, and ornaments.In Roman times, agate carved (carved jade) seals and rings were especially favored.Agate is one of the "fire stones" recorded in the Bible (the Old Testament).There is a biblical account of the gift of agates to Moses and to wear on Aaron's breastplate (Exodus).Agate Series - Red Striped Agate is one of the twelve gemstones used in the cornerstone of the walls of Jerusalem (Revelation).According to the early writer Andrew Bishop of Caesurae, the twelve stones in Jerusalem symbolized the twelve Christian missionaries, and the red stripes of agate symbolized the James missionaries.