Wearing a Jade Bracelet to Heal the Body


Wearing a Jade Bracelet to Heal the Body


As is known to all, China has a long history of jade culture, and jade bracelet has an extraordinary meaning in the minds of Chinese people. It is taken in the white snow mountain and is considered to have the essence of heaven and earth stone, the essence of heaven and earth. 

1. People raise jade, jade raise people

The reason why jade is so popular is due to the spirituality of jade. People who wear jade all year round can raise jade. The body's own 37 degrees constant temperature can change the movement of the molecules in the jade over a long period, so that the jade becomes transparent and moist at the same time, but also can effectively help absorb the turbid gas in the human body. We often say "People raise jade, jade raise people" is from this.

2. Wearing a Jade Bracelet can promote blood circulation

People with a little medical knowledge generally understand that the wrist part of the hand is the end of the human blood circulation, and the return of blood is all by the pressure of the heart to achieve. When people wear a jade bracelet, the jade bracelet keeps rubbing against the wrist skin tissue. It is not only can make  skin blood flow better, achieve a softening skin cell, dredge sweat glands of the skin effect, but also help the body's metabolism, direct excitation and relaxation of the human body meridians and acupoints, have the effect of physical massage. In addition, in the inner side of the wrist, there is an acupoint called Neiguan, which is to treat insomnia. The bracelet on the wrist kept moving at the same time, you can inadvertently massage to this point, relieve fatigue, calm and calm, but not small for insomnia friends.

Wearing a Jade Bracelet to Heal the Body

3. Wearing a Jade Necklace is good for the heart

The way of Chinese medicine with a history of five thousand years has proved that jade has the effect of calming the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and stabilizing emotions. That is to say, usually, bad heart or patients with high blood pressure, if you wear a jade bracelet on weekdays, for a long time will have a certain relief effect on your condition, to reduce blood pressure, stabilize the heart rate, reduce impatience, tension, relieve pressure and even refresh the powerful effect of memory.

4.Jade Bracelet has "Photoelectric Effect"

Jade has photoelectric effect, which can enhance motivation and activity of the human cells, induce cells in the human body strong resonance and mutual friction of water molecules, the cells of toxins out of the body, to make the function of the various parts of the human body can be coordinated, that man can keep a good mood, treat people doing things in an orderly way, get along with happy.