How To Recognize Real Jade Pendant


Real Jade Pendant


The two types of Jade are in fact Nephrite and Jadeite. The latter is rich in aluminum and is a pyroxene, and the former is a magnesium-rich amphibole.

In feng shui, jade are said to attract luck and prosperity. 

Jade is one of the most treasured stones in China, where feng shui was developed. This highly valued and beautiful stone represents strength, luck, and invites good health. When worn as jewelry, jade can help to avoid any difficult and doom.


Look Mainly look at crystal transparency, internal structure, gloss and so on. The real jade is transparent, grease luster, natural pattern, and the internal fiber state is not easy to imitate.

Knocking The Jade

Listen to the sound of real jade, but the sound of artificial jade is dull.

Make The Test

Test the hardness. Taking the glass plate (Moore hardness 5.5) as the standard, except for Xiuyu jade and turquoise, streaks can generally be made on the glass plate, and the jade itself is not damaged at all. Fake jade is generally soft and cannot scratch the glass. Common fake jade is generally made of plastic and glass. They are all amorphous materials, with low hardness, low density, and essential characteristics of the material.


Real Jade Pendant


However, for modern people, with the popularity of jade, people pay more attention to the material of jade, ignoring the cultural connotation it originally represents. This approach turns the jade that carries important culture into a tool for the exchange of interests. Doesn't this run counter to the jade culture of the ancients and its purpose? Of course, the good qualities of benevolence, righteousness, wisdom, cleanliness, and courage that a gentleman interprets through jade have also been passed down. As a carrier of cultural inheritance, jade has completed its fundamental task, and jade culture has gradually evolved into the nation’s Culture, which influences generation after generation with its beautiful qualities, should also continue to be passed on.