5 Old Methods To Identify Whether It Is Real Jade


 Real Jade Necklace


Common fake jade includes plastic, colored glass, marble, electro-colored fake jade, jade powder and crystal and salt water made of synthetic glass imitated jade. The methods of identification are also different. The texture of plastic is lighter than jade, the hardness is poor, and it is generally easy to identify.

Colored glass is also easy to distinguish. As long as you check it under light or sunlight, you will see a lot of bubbles in the glass.

The more difficult to distinguish is the electric-color fake jade, which is electroplated and coated with inferior quality jade-a beautiful emerald green appearance, which can easily be mistaken for real jade. At this time, you need to observe carefully, if there are some small green and blue cracks on it, it is fake jade. Because cracks are left during electroplating, experts call it "spider claw". It is also said that if the electro-colored fake jade is placed in hot oil, the electroplating color will fade and return to its original appearance.

There are several old methods to Identify whether it is real jade.

1. Hand touch

If the jade is touched by hand, it will feel cold and lubricated.

2. Tongue licking

Real jade on the tip of the tongue has astringent sensation; while fake jade has no astringent sensation. 

3. Water identification

Put a drop of water on the jade, like a dew drop that will not disperse for a long time; the one that disappears quickly is a fake and inferior product.

4. Inspection

Orient the jade to a bright place, such as sunlight or light. If the color is clear and the green is evenly distributed, it is true jade.

5. Magnifying glass viewing

Place the purchased jade under a magnifying glass to see whether there are cracks or not. The ones without cracks are the best quality jade.


Real Jade Necklace


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