4 Taboos of Wearing a Jade Buddha Pendant


Jade Buddha Pendant


The most important thing about wearing jade Buddha pendants is to respect the jade Buddha. You should be kind and not do things that violate the teachings of Buddhism.

In addition, the Jade Buddha Pendant has heads, busts and full-length portraits. Generally, you can wear them separately by engraving and imaging. It can also be inlaid with gold and silver around the Jade Buddha, with red, black and yellow string, bead chain, precious metal chain, etc. It is worn on the neck and acts as a blessing and accessory.


 Jade Buddha Pendant


1. Prohibition of evil thoughts

When wearing the Jade Buddha, you must respect the Buddha statue, always hold good thoughts, do more good deeds, and can't hold evil thoughts and do evil deeds.

2. It is forbidden to expose the Jade Buddha in an unclean place

Don't expose the Jade Buddha in unclean places, such as toilets; don't let dirty things such as dirty water, excrement and urine become dirty on the Buddha statue. It is best to remove it when taking a bath, otherwise the spirit will be lost and the blessing will be lost. Function, even cause bad luck; don't wear the Jade Buddha naked.

3. It is forbidden to put in a pile of debris

If the Jade Buddha should be properly placed when not wearing it, it can be wrapped in red or yellow silk cloth or satin (one is because red and yellow are symbols of dignity and supremacy, and the other is because the texture of silk and silk is relatively soft). Put it in a small clean box and put it on a high place. Don't put it in a pile of debris, and don't press it under pillows or anything else. In short, one respectful earns one blessing, and ten respectful earns ten blessings.

4. It is forbidden to wear jade Buddha when bathing

Take off the Jade Buddha in the bath and place it in a clean and safe place. Bathing is caused by the sliding or falling of the jade Buddha due to the sliding of soap or shower gel, or the swinging of the jade Buddha caused by the excessive bathing movement. It may touch the bathing utensils or wall, causing the Jade Buddha to break, crack or bump into a gap, Affect the appearance.