what is jade dragon?

jade dragon

Jade Dragon

The famous Jade Dragon, known as the first dragon in China, is one of the representative works of China's early jade carving crafts. Unearthed in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 1971, it is the earliest dragon carved from jade in China up till now.

The Jade Dragon twisted its body to a half circle and is 26 cm in height as a whole. Its plane shape is like a "C". The cross-section of the jade dragon is elliptical, with a diameter of 2.3 to 2.9 cm. The jade dragon, in a flying posture, does not have horns, squamous and feet and presents characteristics of primitive dragon images. The entire dragon body is like a giant dragon about to emerge from the water.

The jade dragon is carved from a whole piece of jade, and the details also use relief, bas-relief and other techniques. The whole body is polished and smooth, which shows the development level of jade carving technology at that time. Its shape is unique, its craftsmanship is exquisite, its body is round fluent and full of vitality. The mystery meaning of jade dragon adds a layer of beauty to it.

There is a small perforation in the middle of the dragon body, which can be hung through a rope. If you hang it up, the dragon's head and tail show a downward exactly same horizontal state, and it can be seen that the position of the hole has been carefully selected.

The image of dragon comes from ancient people's worship for totems and it represents power, hope and good luck. In addition, it is a symbol of wisdom, longevity, regeneration and also has magical powers. Dragons are actually a universal symbol of good luck. Jade also has long been considered to be a lucky stone. It keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony. Jade also symbolizes longevity health and wisdom. Therefore, the combination of jade and dragon has a good symbolic meaning. It can double good luck and health.

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