What color jade is best?

green jade

From the color quality of jade of speaking, the best jade is green jade. The emperor green is the best jade color, which has been recognized by everyone. The price of the emperor green jade bracelet is high, can be said to be the highest price in many varieties of jade.

Why jade is green? The reason is that it contains very little chromium oxide. Emeralds are the best green, most valuable. Jade also has blue, yellow-green, blue, green, purple, red, yellow, black and other colors. Most of the color elements in jade are Iron, manganese, vanadium, iron, etc. The color of jade is blue because it contains soot.

The value of imperial green jade is not only reflected in the jade itself material prices, a lot of times but the value of the imperial green jade is also embodied in its cultural value or spiritual value. Green jade has always been synonymous with high-grade jade. In such a long jade culture in China, has always been the honor of green. Ice kind emperor green jade green is very rich, very pure green, it gives a person a very deep, vigorous feeling. Under the light of nature, the ice species emperor green jade looks like the green of the lake from a distance, and at first sight, it looks like blue from a close distance, green with a little blue, there is a very noble aesthetic feeling.

Imperial jade we rarely heard, but the emerald jade must have heard, in fact, the emperor jade is emerald jade. Emerald green as the concept of the traditional culture has already deep into people's hearts, so emperor green jade is one of the best jade in people's hearts, not only rare but also invaluable. It also has a very high collection value.