Jade Stone Meaning

What is Jade?

Jade is a very broad word, which contains many kinds of natural stone. There are two major styles of jade, one is nephrite, which is the most classic of Hetian jade, and the other is jadeite, among which jadeite(fei cui) is the most famous.
From a mineralogical point of view of both minerals are compounds of silica. Jadeite is composed of a silicate mineral of sodium and aluminum. Nephrite refers to some silicate minerals in amphibole (such as tremolite, actinolite and other series of minerals).

Jadeite Meaning

The representative of jadeite is jadeite. In ancient China, "Emerald" was originally the name of a bird, and its feathers are beautiful. Generally, male birds are called "Emerald Bird" in red, and "Kingfisher" in female birds in green. In ancient times, women's jewelry was inlaid with jadeite feathers, and the names of the jewelry made were "Cui", such as fine cui, bead cui and so on. Because jadeite is a very beautiful jade, people use the beautiful bird name jade to represent jadeite, that is, the polycrystalline aggregate composed of jadeite, pyroxene, and sodium chrome pyroxene is called jadeite.


Hetian Jade Meaning

The representative of nephrite is Hetian jade. The jade produced in the Hetian area of ​​Xinjiang is famous for the Hetian "zi material". Although Hetian jade is named after Xinjiang Hetian, it is not a regional concept, and it does not specifically refer to Xinjiang Hetian. China named Hetian jade to the stones that account for more than 98% of tremolite.

hetian jade

Jade Stone Meaning

Jade comes from stone, but it is not the same as stone. It is essentially different from stone. It should have the characteristics of beauty, durability, and scarcity. However, it is not only a beautiful stone for decoration, but also has been endowed with various meanings. People decorate them with special shapes, mysterious patterns and allegorical symbols, entrusting their artistic feelings, spiritual pursuits and religious hearts.

Express Love

Jade stone symbolize love. Jade is semi-transparent stone with soft color and smooth texture. Pure and elegant, the unique quality of jade can’t be matched up by any other gemstones. The lovely appearance of jade makes it attractive to girls. Therefore, jade stone jewelry is an excellent gift to a gentle girl to express the feeling of love.

Attract Wealth

Jade stone pendants represent wealth. In ancient China, quality jade stone were designed into various shapes and were worn by royal families as a symbol of status and power. Today jade stone carved in some shapes are still believed to have the ability of attracting wealth and fortune. Among them, pixiu jade is a popular one.

Clarity and Rationality

Jade stone signify clarity and rationality. Jade can bring somber insight to your brain. If you are focusing on some important events and want to keep a clear mind, you can wear a jade pendant, for it is said to contribute to clear thought and sharp rationality.

Protection and Good Luck

Jade stone can protect the wearer from misfortune. In China, many people believe in the protective effect of jade pendants. People give jade stone to their loved ones, believing it can keep the wearers off the misfortune and bring them good luck.

In conclusion, jade stone are endowed with colorful meanings. It can convey love, absorb wealth, contribute to rationality and drive away misfortune.

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