The Most Famous Jade Buddha Temple In The World


Jade Buddha Temple


Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple

Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple is one of the top ten attractions in Shanghai, China. The Jade Buddha Temple has a history of 120 years since its inception, with eleven abbots in total. 

The first abbot, Venerable Huigen, invited back 5 jade Buddhas from Myanmar in 1882 and left two for worshippers in Shanghai.  The temple was destoryed during the revolution that overthrew the Qing Dynasty. Fortunately, the temple was rebuilt and a new temple was built on the present site in 1928. 


Jade Buddha Temple


Bangkok Jade Buddha Temple

The Emerald Buddha Temple was built in 1782 and is located in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. It is a Buddhist holy land in Thailand and is regarded as one of the three major Buddhist temples in Thailand.

The Jade Buddha enshrined in the Jade Buddha Temple is made of a single piece of wall jade, about 66 cm high and 48 cm wide, protected by glass, with a multi-layer canopy and a high base. The Jade Buddha is given different court attire by the royal family every three seasons to show respect. There are four golden Buddhas around the Jade Buddha, and the mural paintings in the main temple are the story of Buddha Shakyamuni’s birth to Nirvana. The main hall dedicated to the Jade Buddha has 40 quadrangular pillars, and 112 golden bird-shaped human figures are decorated under the corridor.

All buildings in the Jade Buddha Temple have elevated white marble bases and colorful mosaic decorations. In the north of the main hall, there are three pagodas, namely, the pure Thai-style Tibetan scripture pavilion, the Ceylon-style golden relic pagoda, and the Khmer-style royal ancestral temple. The outer wall of the Emerald Buddha Temple is white and relatively simple. The inner wall is painted with the Thai version of the Ramayana epic and the mythological scene of Ramayana.


Jade Buddha Temple


Myanmar Jade Buddha Temple

The Jade Buddha Temple is located in Novena in the central area of ​​Singapore. It was built in 1875 and is the oldest and most majestic Burmese temple in Singapore. The original Emerald Buddha Temple was founded by the Burmese Taning, and the current Emerald Buddha Temple was built in 1991. The temple embodies the beauty of traditional Burmese architecture based on modern architecture and is the pride of the Burmese community in Singapore.

At present, the Emerald Buddha Temple has become a religious center and a social-stream center for the Burmese in Singapore, and weddings or birthday celebrations are often held here. The Jade Buddha Temple in Myanmar is the most majestic Burmese temple outside Myanmar. The Jade Buddha Temple has four floors and was built from scratch, brick by brick.

The beauty of traditional Burmese architecture and art is reflected in the layered wooden eaves of the Jade Buddha Temple and the wood carvings inside and outside the temple. These carvings are all made by Burmese craftsmen and are made of the highest grade teak wood in Burma. They are decorated with wood carving patterns and decorative patterns on the ceiling, reflecting the strong Burmese architectural style.

The temple enshrines a huge marble sitting Buddha with delicate and soft lines that was transported from Burma to Singapore in 1921. The sitting Buddha is 11 feet high and weighs 10 tons. It is the largest sitting Buddha in a Buddhist temple outside Myanmar.