how many types of jade are there?



1. Jadeite

Jadeite is a mineral aggregate of the pyroxene group mainly made of jadeite. Its color is rich and diverse. The elements to evaluate its value are: color, planting water, volume, clarity, carving, etc. The better the planting water, the brighter the color and the size. The larger, the fewer defects, the higher the value.Jade type


2. Nephrite

Nephrite usually refers to Hetian jade, but strictly speaking, nephrite includes Hetian jade (nephrite produced in the Hetian region of Xinjiang), Russian nephrite (Russian material for short), Korean nephrite (Korean material for short), and Qinghai nephrite (Qinghai material) and so on. Its main ingredients are actinolite and tremolite, and its luster is restrained and reserved. Before jadeite became popular, Hetian jade has always played the role of "king of jade".jade type


3. Opal

Opal is more popular abroad. Shakespeare once called Opal the "Queen of Gems". It has a brilliant and colorful effect. The main mineral is precious opal, with the chemical formula SiO2˙nH2O (silicon molecules and water). Mixture), it can be said that it is also "made of water", so in daily maintenance, try to avoid extreme dryness to prevent it from cracking.jade type


4. Turquoise

Turquoise is listed as one of China's "Four Famous Jade", and its chemical composition is a water-containing copper aluminum phosphate. It is more popular with people who love literary play, and turquoise is used as a holy object for suppressing demons, warding off evil spirits, and a symbol of good luck and happiness.jade type


5. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is an ancient sacred jade. The main component is lapis lazuli. It is commonly seen with pyrites that show little "gold spots". In terms of quality, pyrite-free, deep blue, pure and strong are the high-quality top grades. It is better to have uniform "gold spots", less impurities and less white spots.jade type


6. Serpentine jade

Serpentine jade is also called "Xiu jade". It is rich in origin and variety, mostly yellow-green, and is mostly used in jade carving crafts. The commonly heard Xiuyan jade is the serpentine jade produced in Xiuyan County, Liaoning, China, while the serpentine jade produced in Xinyi, Guangdong is commonly known as "Southern Jade".jade type


7. Dushan jade

Dushan jade, Hetian jade in Xinjiang, Yunxian in Hubei, and Xiu jade in Liaoning are also called "China's four famous jade". Dushan jade is also called "Nanyang jade" because it is produced in Nanyang City, Henan Province. It is an important jade carving material. Dushan jade is rich in color, covering white, green, purple, yellow, red, cyan, ink, variegated, and so on. The texture is delicate, and ordinary consumers may confuse it with jade.jade type


8. Malachite

Ancient Chinese ancestors used malachite to smelt metal copper, decorative pigments, etc., and its notable feature is its concentric ring-shaped structure. Chile in South America regards the beautiful malachite as the "national stone."jade type


9. Rhodolite

The mineral scientific name of rhodolite is called rhodochrosite, and the common rhodolite is a white substance with bands distributed in pink. Among them, the Rhodochrosite produced in Argentina is particularly special. It has a bright, red and white pattern. It is vividly called the "Inca Rose" and it is also the national stone of Argentina.jade type


10. Purple Dragon Crystal

Amethyst crystal is also called "Charo Stone", and is called "Purple Prince Stone" by the majority of collectors. Amethyst crystal is rich in texture. The high-quality amethyst crystal contains only two colors of purple and white, and purple and white are naturally intertwined. Fluent is better.jade type


11. Prehnite

The original ore of prehnite resembles fruit grapes. The high-quality prehnite has a fine and shiny texture, and even has a luminous effect, which can be comparable to ice jade.jade type


12. Chalcedony

Chalcedony is a kind of cryptocrystalline quartz jade with a fine and shiny texture, which looks like a jade on the water. Among them, the commonly heard Australian jade is a kind of nickel-containing chalcedony, which is green, and high-quality folds are bright apple green. But beware of some unscrupulous merchants selling it as full of green emeralds.jade type


13. agate

Agate and chalcedony are very similar in that both components are silica, but agate has a ring-shaped structure. The southern red on the market is actually a kind of agate, but its appearance is higher, and the output is less, and the value is higher.jade type


14. Jasper

Jasper is a kind of chalcedony that contains impurities, and the color is mostly red, green or variegated. Among the rare varieties are scenic jasper and blood drop stone.jade type


15. Aventurine

Aventurine is a quartzite with a placer gold effect, and its color varies with the minerals it contains. Those containing chromite mica are green, those containing blue sillite are blue, and those containing lepidolite are purple.jade type


16. Secret Jade

Miyu is also a kind of quartzite with rich color and mainly green. At first glance, it looks very similar to jade. It is also called "Henan Jade". Xinmi City, Henan Province is a famous dense jade producing area in my country.jade type


17. Gui Cui

Guicui is called "Guizhou jade" and has rich colors, among which sky blue and emerald green are the most beautiful.jade type


18. Tiger's Eye

Tiger eye stone is a kind of wood alexandrite. It is yellow and brown with silky luster on the surface. When the fibers that make up the tiger eye stone are thin and neatly arranged, it will present a cat-eye effect.how many types of jade


19. Eagle Eye Stone

The eagle eye stone is actually similar to the tiger eye stone, but the color is different. The color of the eagle eye stone is mainly blue and gray blue.how many types of jade


20. Obsidian

Obsidian is actually a kind of natural glass. It is mostly black and opaque. Obsidian is produced in large quantities and is a kind of jade at a reasonable price.how many types of jade


21. Coral jade

Coral jade, also known as chrysanthemum jade, is a kind of fossil jade. Its patterns will produce different natural patterns depending on the size and type of corals, either radially or curled, etc., which is very beautiful. Strong ornamental.how many types of jade


22. Shoushan Stone

Shoushan stone is one of the traditional Chinese "four major seal stones", with fine texture and rich colors. There are many types, which can be divided into: Shoushan field yellow frozen stone, peach blossom frozen stone, hibiscus frozen stone, horned frozen stone, Dahongpao chicken blood frozen stone and so on.

 how many types of jade


23. Rhodium

Rhodium has a typical rose red color, and its surface is often covered with a black manganese oxide film formed by oxidation, while black manganese oxide presents an irregular network distribution on its surface, which is what people often call "color spots".how many types of jade


24. Yellow Dragon Jade

Huanglong jade was originally called "yellow wax stone". It is essentially a kind of yellow chalcedony with fine texture and bright color. It is an important jade carving material.how many types of jade


25. Lantian Jade

Lantian jade is also one of the four famous jade with a long history of use. Its main ingredient is calcite, named after Lantian Mountain in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. "The Moon Pearl in the Canghai Sea has tears, and the Lantian Sunwarm jade gives birth to smoke." Li Shangyin also advertised for Lantian jade.

how many types of jade