Jade Knowledge: 7 Ways To Care For Aventurine Quartz 


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Jade Knowledge: What is Aventurine Quartz

Lapis Lazuli are produced in sedimentary rocks such as dolomite, limestone, marl and gypsum-bearing clay. They can be mined in many countries, but high-quality ones are getting less.

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7 Ways To Care For Aventurine Quartz

1. Avoid collision with hard objects. Although the hardness of aventurine jade is high, it is easy to crack after being impacted. Sometimes although the cracks are not visible with the naked eye, the molecular structure in the surface of aventurine has been destroyed and there are dark cracks, which greatly damages its perfection and Economic value too.

2. Avoid dust as much as possible. If there is dust in the aventurine stone in daily life, it is advisable to clean it with a soft brush; if there is dirt or oil stains attached to the surface of the aventurine jade, it should be washed with mild soap and water, and then rinsed with water. Never use chemical degreaser liquid.

3. Keep the pendant when not in use. It is best to put it in a jewelry bag or jewelry box to avoid scratches or damage. If it is high-end jade jewelry, do not place it on the cabinet surface to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt, which will affect the brightness.

4. Try to avoid contact with perfume, chemical liquid, soap and human sweat. As we all know, sweat contains salt, volatile fatty acids and urea. Aventurine jade is exposed to too much sweat, and if it is not wiped off immediately after wearing it, it will be corroded and the outer layer will be damaged, affecting the original freshness. Especially the "glass floor" jade and mutton white jade are more resistant to sweat and grease.

Many people think that the more jadeite touches the human body, the better it will be moisturized with sweat. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding. Jade is different from the ancient Aventurine jade. The ancient jade needs to be born out of the body and needs the help of human body temperature. The "glass floor" jade is already crystal clear and transparent. There is no need to resort to any method, nor can there be any way to make it better. bright. If the mutton white jade is exposed to too much sweat, it will easily turn into pale yellow and will no longer be as pure as fat.


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5. Avoid long-term direct sunlight. Aventurine jade should be protected from the sun, because the aventurine jade expands with heat and the molecular volume increases, which will affect the quality of the aventurine jade. Especially hibiscus jade, crystal, agate, etc. will burst when exposed to high heat, so avoid getting close to the heat source.

6. Wear pendants should be wiped with a clean, soft white cloth. Dyed cloth or hard fiber cloth should not be used. Aventurine jade jewelry set with diamonds, red sapphires, emeralds and other gems should only be wiped with a clean white cloth to wipe off grease, dust, impurities, moisture or sweat, which will help maintain and maintain the original quality. 

7. Aventurine stone should maintain proper humidity. The quality of Aventurine jade is maintained by a certain amount of humidity, especially the water gall agate and crystal jade. During the formation period of water gall agate, there is natural water in it. If the surrounding environment does not maintain a certain humidity and is very dry, the natural water inside will easily evaporate, thus losing its artistic and economic value.