Jade Benefits


The beautiful implication of the word "jade"

The word "jade" originated from the oldest Chinese characters, inscriptions on bone inscriptions and inscriptions on bells and rings in the Shang Dynasty.
The word "jade" was a beautiful and noble word in the eyes of the ancients. In ancient poetry and prose, jade was often used to describe all beautiful people or things.Many people put their beloved children to name jade, such as jia baoyu, Lin daiyu, how many years can read a touching a dream of red mansions,
Cao Xueqin is the ideal of life in this play stone jade in the love of jade in the hearts of the Chinese people took a deep root.
The culture of jade is the culture of more than five thousand years in China, it is only a kind of special culture of Chinese profundity, it is filled with the whole historical period of China, about her anecdote, is rich and colorful, strange and strange, it shows that the Chinese nation love jade to deep and sincere, to the fan, to the crazy.
Therefore, the traditional Chinese concept of jade was formed, which is to honor jade, love jade, wear jade, admire jade and play jade.


The cultural value of jade

Chinese ancestors loved jade not only because it was rare or beautiful in color, but because it had a deeper cultural value: the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation.
The jade culture contains the patriotic national integrity of "rather be jade";
The unity and friendship of "turning war into jade and plowshares";
"Moist with warm" selfless dedication moral character;
The virtues of honesty and integrity are an important part of traditional Chinese culture. The jade culture, with jade as the center carrier, has deeply influenced the thoughts and concepts of ancient Chinese people and become an indispensable part of Chinese culture.
The history of jade in China goes back five thousand years.
As the epitome of Chinese traditional culture, jade culture with jade as the carrier not only profoundly reflects the religious, political, economic and cultural conditions of various historical periods, but also reflects people's good wishes of using jade to contrast virtue and cultivate sentiment, and also witnesses the Chinese people's virtue of being reserved and restrained and showing external benefits.


The health function of jade

According to legend, imperial concubines kept jade for health care throughout the dynasties;
Addicted to jade such as Song Hui zong;
Hanyu town summer such as Yang Guifei;
Holding jade on her face like the Empress Dowager Cixi...
The ancient books of the motherland said: jade is the beauty of the stone, sweet taste flat non-toxic.
Qigong masters of all schools agree that there are three treasures of "essence, qi and spirit" in the human body, and the use of "qi" is particularly prominent, and jade is the most abundant substance for storing "qi".
Jade is a kind of natural mineral, mineral is a very characteristic part of traditional Chinese medicine, China's research on it has a long history, and precious jade is a large part of it.
China's ancient medical classics "Huangdi Neijing", "Tang Materia Medica", "Shennong Materia Medica", "Compendium of Materia Medica" all said that Yu can: "calm the soul, thin blood, moisten the heart and lung, bright ears and eyes, soft tendon and strong bone......"
According to modern scientific determination, jade itself contains a variety of trace elements, such as zinc, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, cobalt, selenium, chromium, titanium, lithium, calcium, potassium, sodium and so on, its curative effect has come out on top in surgery.
It used to be the weapon of our ancestors to prevent and cure diseases, and it also used to be the main medicine of health preservation and old age and alchemy for a long time.
In pharmacology, long-term wearing natural mineral elements and trace elements can complement the human body, the absorption and excretion of excess elements and micro elements, for a variety of valuable jade gives health related meaning: for example, amethyst, quartz has a calming, sedative, nephrite can embellish lung, stomach fire, agate contributes to heat, bright eye, and so on.
Today, we take jade as raw material, processing into exquisite decorations to beautify life, edify temperament, and extend the disease.
Its products are directly used in the fitness and health care: jade pillow, jade cushion, fitness ball, massage device, walking stick, jade comb, etc., which have the effect of nourishing the face and calming the mind of the human body.
Long-term use will make you rejuvenate and prolong your life.


The decorative function of jade

Since ancient times, people have loved to wear jewelry and jade.
Ancient people wore jade mainly for decoration, not only to show the external beauty, but also to show people's spiritual world and the degree of self-cultivation.
Ancient gentleman must wear jade, that is to say, the gentleman always with the character of jade to ask themselves, standardize people's morality, with the voice of Ming jade to limit people's behavior.
Today, jade jewelry is still regarded as a symbol of luck and social status, and has gradually become an important part of the performance of personal character, decoration, taste, grace.

Now, enjoy the jade design, modelling, decorative design, creative and work have very big improvement, more emphasis on the auspicious jade, enjoy sex and artistic quality, the main varieties have jade figures, flowers, birds, beasts, vessels, yushan seed carving all sorts of small and medium-sized furnishing articles, such as various miniascape of jade, agate stone, crystal stone, jade samples, jade seed makings, ranging from the rough stone to carvings,
The shape is beautiful, the color is rich, the workmanship is exquisite, has special interest.
Make people watch, play in the spirit and cultural enjoyment, especially when the leisure time touch jade ornaments often produce a comfortable, elegant taste, make people feel very happy, excited and satisfied.
There are also in the interior decoration, jade pieces and calligraphy and painting, antiques and other handicrafts combination configuration, can set each other off and create the elegant cultural atmosphere of the bedroom.
In addition, as gifts, tokens, mascots and so on, jade is widely used in People's Daily life and various exchanges. It is the first choice of gifts for relatives, friends and friends to express love, feelings, good wishes or pray for peace.


The value of jade collection

Collection of ancient jade, can be collected according to the principle of fine collection.
Can also be time for the project, such as "tang gu yu", "song gu yu", "gao Ming and qing dynasties", etc., can also use "ancient peja jade", "ancient ritual jade", "ancient" dashanzi, with specific points implements "Chinese jade cong", "Chinese jade wall", "Chinese jade bird", "Chinese jade dragon", "Chinese jade", "Chinese jade cup", "Chinese jade belt hook", etc.
Ancient jade collection, should be fine with work, quality, color artful, shape odd for the standard, see much, research much, can achieve "love does not choose the hand is good jade" purpose.
Of all the materials for making jewelry, jade is the closest and closest to people.
Money is money, diamond is price, and jade, is life.
Believe it or not?
Hold the jade in the hand, gently touch again touch, you will find that the jade is alive, there is a body temperature heartbeat, there is warm and moist water, and your thoughts in resonance.