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How to wear jade necklace?



why do chinese wear jade necklaces

Since ancient times, China has had the reputation of "the country of jade". The ancients regarded jade as a treasure and used it as a precious. Since ancient times, emperors and their concubines of all dynasties kept in good health with jade, while the Song Huizong was addicted to jade, concubine Yang holds jade to cool off the heat. The benefits of wearing jade for a long time are self-evident!

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Jade has five virtues

The character of the person who wears jade will become calm and soft with the process of playing jade. Calm people are more likely to produce wisdom. People with soft personality tend to have better communication. It makes sense that "character determines fate",which people often say.

Jade has five virtues. Since ancient times, gentlemen believed that jade is virtuous. Therefore, people who wear jade feel low-key, introverted and hidden. Such people will be more friendly than extroverted and domineering people, and at the same time make people feel more connotative. The value of Hetian jade was very high, and it is not something ordinary people can have.


how to wear a jade necklace?

-Here are ten rules for wearing jade.

How to wear jade necklace

1. The ancients said: A gentleman does not leave his body for no reason. Friends who bring their own jade, especially those who have been brought up since childhood, should not take it down for no special reason.

2. The relationship between jade and people depends on fate. If you have fate, you will raise people. If you don’t have fate, you will have disaster.

3. Jade can't be given away by someone. If you accept jade from others, that jade is not your guardian. Instead, you may be helping people withstand disasters.

4. New jade is very picky for the owner and won't easily become someone's jade, so when you first start wearing new jade, you will stumble a little, and it will always go wrong. But if you still don't leave it when it's not going well, he will admit you after a while and start sheltering you.

5. If jade has been in contact with people for a long time, it will gradually be affected by people, and people will also be affected by jade. If the wearer is a good person, then the jade on his body has sufficient positive power to keep people safe; if it is a wicked person, the jade’s hostility will be very heavy, which will cause trouble instead.

6. Ancient jade does not need to be consecrated, because it will have a certain spirituality over time.

7. Jade is spiritual. Don't take it off casually after wearing it on your body for more than three months. It's even worse if you give it away.

8. If the jade is broken, it must have helped you withstand the disaster. You must wrap it in red paper (cloth) and bury it. This is called "burial jade". It's best to get another piece for yourself afterwards.

9. Don’t bring jade with blood. Many are formed by illegal merchants who have been processed and buried in the ground for a period of time.

10. It is best not to wear ancient jade, especially if there is blood on the jade. Jade has memories. There may be many gratitudes and hatreds recorded on him. Some people start to get sick after wearing ancient jade, and even have nightmares. Therefore, ancient jade is generally not worn. This is a rule. There are too many things to bring ancient jade into various situations.